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Liquid Filter Bags To Fit Your Application


FELT: Sewn or Welded Polypropylene, Polyester or Nomex Construction

Pyramid Technologies offers filter bags to fit any housing such as FSI, Rosedale, Commercial, Ronningen Petter, American Felt, Hayward, GAF, Filtration Systems, Cuno, Krystil Klear Strainrite, Oakland and others. Bag filters provide cost-effective, high relative dirt loading capacity for a wide variety of fluid applications. For added seam strength and no needle holes- see Welded Filter Bags or High Efficiency Bags.


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MESH: Nylon Monofilament and Polyester Multifilament

bulletFELT: This versatile needle-punched construction provides true depth filtration in a low cost form. It is dense yet highly permeable to allow greater dirt holding capacity at increased flow rates.
bulletMULTIFILAMENT MESH: This disposable mesh material is constructed of many tiny filament yarns twisted together and then woven or knit.
bulletMONOFILAMENT MESH: This mesh material is constructed of single filament yarns woven in a precise manner. As the most costly material this offers both high  strength, as well as the ability for reuse.


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MELTBLOWN: High Efficiency, Absolute Rated Bags

bulletPLAIN: Media is provided without surface treatments or covers.
bulletGLAZED: Outer surface of media is heated under controlled temperatures to thermally lock fibers and reduce the possibility of fiber migration.
bulletCOVERED: A spun-bonded cover is used to encase the outer surface of the filter to reduce the possibility of fiber migration.


Contact Us for custom filter bags.
bulletFELT: Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Nomex, Aramid
bulletMULTIFILAMENT: Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene
bulletMONOFILAMENT: Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene
bulletMICRON RATINGS: 1.0 Absolute through 800. (20 Mesh and up)

Check out our Filter Housings to fit the corresponding bag sizes shown at right.

Download Brochure: 1.6 MB PDF File

1 7.06 16.5 2.3
2 7.06 32.0 4.7
3 4.13 8.0 .70
4 4.13 14.0 1.2
9 5.62 32.0 3.9
C1 7.31 16.5 2.3
C2 7.31 32.0 4.7
PC1 9.00 20.0 2.5
PC2 9.00 30.0 5.0
RP1 8.00 30.0 3.5
RP2 8.00 40.0 5.0
RP4 4.00 14.0 1.1


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