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 Metal Cartridge Filter Media for Standard Filtration and Backwash Applications

FILTER MEDIA: The following, more commonly used filter cartridge media will efficiently collect solids on the surface, where they form a permeable cake.

Plain Cylindrical: 316 Stainless Steel wire mesh from 5 microns on up. Less filtration surface area than pleated, but more efficient backwashing increases cycle life.


Pleated: 316 Stainless Steel wire mesh from 5 microns on up. Greater surface area means more dirt holding capacity. Recommended for capture of suspended solids easily removed during backwash.
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Porous (Sintered) Metal: Available in Stainless Steel and many other metals from 0.5  to 200 microns in plain or pleated configurations. Ideal for reuse and high temperature applications.

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Metal Fiber Media (Flat Wrap): Extremely high porosity ratings up to 87 %. Low initial pressure drop. Easy to clean (backflush-backpulse). High dirt holding capacity. Efficient gel and particulate removal. Unlimited graded pore structure compositions. Broad filtration range available. Compression resistant. Several alloys available. More info...
Metal Membranes: these asymmetrically constructed metallic membranes have a thin filter active layer added to a robust support layer. This product offers users a sintered membrane that combines high permeability and very low pressure drop. Filter grades from 0.1 to 3.0 microns.
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Sintered Wire Mesh: developed to replace poorly performing sintered porous metal, wedge-wire, string wound and other types of cartridges. In many instances, flow rates may be dramatically improved without compromising filtration efficiency. In other instances, frequency of downtime for element cleaning and replacement may be sharply reduced, resulting in savings which can far outweigh initial retrofit costs. Available from 2 to 100 microns.



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