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Resin Bonded Fiber Acrylic Filter Cartridges

bulletconstruction: coreless, one-piece, rigid resin bonded fibrous matrix
bulletoperating temps. To 250 F (135 C)
bulletnominal removal ratings from 2.0 to 125 microns
bulletlengths from 9 ¾” to 40”
bulletHandles pressure up to 150 psi at 70 F.
bulletextra-long acylic fibers add strength and resist fiber migration
ProBond™ cartridges have a unique proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in fluid filtration applications.




abrasives adhesives aerosol products cleaning fluids chemicals
coolants cosmetics cutting fluids detergents dyestuffs
fabric coatings food products juices industrial coatings lacquers
latices liquids paints petroleum products paper coatings
pharmaceutical photographic resins pigments plasticisers plastisols
polymer solutions printing inks process water roller coatings textile chemicals
vegetable oils vinegar waxes    

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